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AlHaq Travel is a leading and trust worthy brand to provide cheapest Hajj packages including vaccination, visa, flights, hotels and transportation. Get the best possible facilities included in competitive packages with shifting and non-shifting accommodation options and comfortable transportation. Perform Hajj in comfortable manner and save money at the same time by opting the best Hajj deals in London, Manchester, Birmingham and many other parts of United Kingdom by AlHaq Travel

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Perform Hajj in a way Holy Prophet PBUH guided us

Hajj is to be performed starting from 8th Zil Hajj and ending at 12th Zil Hajj during the last month of the Islamic year. Another interesting thing to note here that Umrah can be completed even within one day but Hajj extends over a time period of 5 consecutive days and it is followed by 3 consecutive days of the Eid-ul-Adha festivities. For celebrating Eid-ul-Adha with their relatives, many Muslims excluding the Saudi citizens, return to their native countries while remaining Muslims, in order to earn more virtues, travel towards the holy city of Medina.

Mecca is the first most holy city in Islam as our Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) was born in this spiritual city. Muslims visit the divine city of Mecca as they know that they have an opportunity to see & visit the Masjid Al Haram (Holy Mosque), the Black Stone, the Mountain of Light and the Well of Zam Zam. Madinah is the second most blessed city in Islam. The Hajj is an annual holy journey to Saudi Arabia and it is considered as the largest Muslim mass gathering in the world. According to the five pillars of Islam all Muslims who have resources, must undertake Hajj in Mecca, once in his / her life. But the important thing to mention here is that Saudi Kingdom allows only Muslims to visit both cities of Makkah and Medina.

If you are looking for an expert Hajj tour operator with exciting packages and who can offer you the cheapest Hajj packages, then you are on the right track of AlHaq Travel tour Operator to get the whole hajj trip packages as per your traveling requirements. AlHaq Travel has already come up with an extensive range of pilgrimage packages from UK especially for Muslims in London, Manchester, Birmingham which will be very helpful for the Muslim UK tourists to travel the holy cities of Makkah and Medina for performing divine Hajj pilgrimage in exciting new packages. It’s our pleasure to mention here that hundreds and thousands of the guests of ALLAH (SWT) are being served by AlHaq Travel each year at the low-cost packages. We are thankful to ALLAH Almighty and thankful to our respected customers who are bestowing their trust in us without any bargain on services. We claim that we are among the key providers of the cheapest, trustworthy and reasonable packages from London, Manchester, Birmingham and other parts of UK. Our local offices and competent agent are available to serve the people living in London, Birmingham and Manchester or other parts of UK.

Nobody has all kind of blessings or facilities in his/her life. It means that everybody is facing some kind of problems which may be financial or physical which ultimately becomes an obstacle in the way of performing the pilgrimage. Most of the people don’t even know how to apply for visas & passports at the right time or right place in a right manner to get their visas & passports done in time. In this way most of our UK Muslim brothers and sisters remain failed to get their packages book in time and they can’t become eligible to fulfill their dreams of performing Islamic pilgrimage. As a solution for all these kinds of difficulties, AlHaq Travel has come into existence to guide and provider you regarding the packages and application of your visa, tickets & passports and we will definitely help you out in getting your visas & passports ready in time. We better know how to resolve these problems of late submission of Hajj application, financial restrictions, lack of proper documentation and other similar issues. Due to proper guidance, carefulness and cheap hajj packages deal including tickets to KSA by AlHaq Travel, despite of all the economic or non-economic issues, hundreds & thousands of our British customers from UK are going to perform Hajj annually even though they know that Hajj pilgrimage is not mandatory to be performed each year. Our main focus is on providing cheap Hajj 2018 packages for the spiritual gratification of our customers rather than on our business receipts. AlHaq Travel-tour Operator is going to introduce more exciting low-price Hajj trip that will be helpful for the London, UK Muslims to visit the most glorious places (Mecca and Medina) with ease & without any tension at the cheapest packages rates ever.

Our cheap pilgrimage packages from UK including London, Birmingham and Manchester, are the greatest hajj travel deal for every British Muslim tourist for the performance of Hajj tours as these packages are quite flexible enough to accommodate the specifications of any pilgrim. We have wide range of packages including 5 star packages for groups, economical groups packages, cheap groups packages, short term packages for groups, last minute packages groups, luxury packages, all inclusive packages and many more packages.

AlHaq Travel offers you group hajj 2018 packages for British nationals that has specially been designed for the purpose of giving full hajj incentive to those British tourists who want to perform Hajj trip with their loved ones or with their family members. Our group packages has a special feature of lower cost as compare to individual deal and you will be provided individualized assistance at each step during your holy journey. Get the best desire packages and perform the spiritual deed in economical way. We are the provider of best packages which will give you peace mind. You have an option to customize any package to your desired package.

AlHaq Travel is the most reliable provider of information at each step of packages selection. You are required to consider the following things before you go to Saudi Arabia for performing your Hajj:
• You must have a valid passport that must have remaining validity of at least six months.
• There should be at least 2 visa pages that should be clear and adjacent to each other.
• You must fill out your Hajj Visa Application Form with black ink or it can be printed page also. Application form can be downloaded from website.
• You must mention your email address in this application form for future correspondence.
• You must possess 1 passport picture with white background in color and front posture.
• You should be able (purchasing power) to pay your visa processing fee, consular service fee and any other fee.
• A letter of Authorization to process your visa, is also required for your holy hajj tour which can arranged by AlHaq Travel.
• Your visa Underwriter in Saudi Arabia will write a letter to British Embassy of Saudi Arabia by which the following thing will be confirmed:
• Who is / are applicant/applicants
• Nature of your visit (like visiting for performing your hajj)
• Assurance of return ticket and sufficient funds for the visit
• British travelers shall hand over their passports to the ‘Unified Agent Office’ representatives so that the Office can confirm your all hajj arrangements in the cities of Makkah and Madinah.
• In case tourist loses his or her passport, you need not to worry about the passport. You just report about your lost passport to your assigned office of Unified Agent.
• The rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia forbid any pilgrims from staying in the country after the completion of Hajj.

It is requested to all the British pilgrims that they should be updated with respect to the routine vaccinations. In addition to this routine immunization they have to get the recommended vaccines of hepatitis A and B and typhoid vaccines. Pilgrims must carry their vaccination certificates issued by NaTHNaC (National Travel Health Network and Centre) with them as these vaccine certificates can be inspected by the Saudi Authority at any port of entry.

It is worth to mention here that UK nationals are not required to get Polio Vaccine as United Kingdom has already been declared as Polio Free country. But if you get your Polio Vaccine then it will be better for you as you going to foreign country. If you are interested to get Current vaccination requirements then you can download it from the website.

You are requested by AlHaq Travel to please visit your personal doctor or physician four to eight weeks before you go to perform your hajj pilgrimage. As per Saudi Government’s advice, it is better for children who are under the age of 12 years & those persons who are over the age of 65year, pregnant women and those who are ill persistently, to stay away from Hajj trips. Our Deluxe packages are especially crafted to cater such issues. We also have Individual packages, family packages, packages with infant and many more to opt the best desires deal right according to your requirement.

AlHaq Travel is proud provider of pick and drop facility during your hajj tour at Saudi airport. The most prominent feature of our pick and drop facility is that our transportation facility will be more timely economical and safer. Our expert team knows all the routs and alternative routes for your safe arrival at your reserved accommodation under the supervision of our approved traveling agents. This conveyance facility can be included in your Hajj packages 2018 on demand. After successful completion of your hajj trip, you will be dropped back at Saudi Airport again so that you can safely come back in United Kingdom. We have all inclusive packages, this package will let your have any facility of your desire. Select the best package and perform Hajj in an economical way.

If you choose the services of AlHaq Travel, there will be no problem at all regarding your hajj flights as we set a good example and new standards of efficiency in delivering low-cost travel in the Saudi region. We ensure you that the flights we offer are of the lowest fares. Our flights will be on-time and we will find out that our air hostesses will provide you friendly services. You will be severed refreshments during your flight in our airplanes. We have courageous and energetic professional staff and we are providing hundreds of flights per week to a rising number of destinations around the globe. We are looking forward you to see you on board with AlHaq Travel.

There are 33 airports in kingdom of Saudi Arabia out which 5 airports are the most famous and bigger airports like King Abdul Aziz Airport (Jeddah), King Khalid Airport (Riyadh), King Fahad Airport (Dammam), Muhammad Bin Abdul Aziz Airport (Medina) and Abha Airport (Abha). AlHaq Travel is the best provider of packages to our British customers simple and stress-free book services for all kinds of airlines flying to and from Saudi Arabia airports.

In order to get a cheap flight ticket,
• You just have to mention package type like flights only, flight + hotel or hotels only.
• You have to mention what type of ticket you need like Round trip ticket or one way ticket.
• You have to mention whether you want to travel in economy class or business class.
• You will mention that you will depart from (London, Birmingham, England or Manchester-UK) and to (Riyadh or Jeddah-KSA).
• The tourist will mention departure date and return date.
• You will mention No. of Adult pilgrims and No. of children with you for this hajj tour.

Then AlHaq Travel will sort out the available cheap Hajj flights as per you specifications in any package. At last you will be provided the valuable information about the best Hajj flight alternatives of high standard at comparatively cheaper prices of our package. AlHaq Travel offers you a wide range of all food items in Saudi Arabia during your whole hajj tours as your own choice at comparatively low-price. You will be offered hygienic delicious dishes which includes fast-foods also. You can even get canned cold drink and sealed cold water bottles which are believed hygienic. You can use tap water only after boiling it, filtering it or chemically purifying it.

AlHaq Travel assures you that whatever we will commit with you, will definitely be provided to you and there will be no doubt and uncertainty in our services or prices for our package. There will be proper management at our reserved hotels. You will not find any difference inside and outside the hotel. It means that if hotels are looking beautiful from outside then you will definitely see the beauty & cleanliness inside the hotels with all package.

A unique feature of AlHaq Travel is that we always try to provide you the perfect location as per your reservation. You will find out that the hoteling staff will be very friendly and courteous. You can even ask them anything want to ask regarding hotel. The cleanliness of each hotel will be guaranteed by AlHaq Travel. These hotel can be so closer that even you can look the grand mosque Khana-e-Kaaba using your hotel room’s window. Hotels arranged by us, will provide you fast and quick food and hoteling services. An amazing thing is that in some of our hotels, you will be served fruits basket in your reserved hotel room every day in the morning. You can book packages for your 3 Star hotels packages, 4 Star packages and 5 Star hotels packages with AlHaq Travel. Moreover, we can take better care of your families including senior citizens and those persons who are facing some kind of physical inabilities as we can arrange wheelchairs or any other medical equipment needed by them during their holy Hajj trip. If you are traveling with your kids, then don’t worry at all as AlHaq Travel will also entertain them well.

More than 2 million Muslims from more than 183 countries perform Hajj annually. Mostly Muslims around the globe travel to the city of Jeddah then they come to city of Makah by bus or taxi. After arriving in Makkah city, pilgrims go to Kaaba (House of Allah-SWT) and perform a tauwaf-e-Kaaba. Tauwaf-e-Kaaba means circling the Kaaba 7 times anti clockwise which can take much time to complete due to high crowd there. After the tauwaf-e-Kaaba, pilgrims have to perform Saai that is walking and running 7 times between the Safa & Marwah Mountains. The place (tunnel) of Saai is well air-conditioned together with separate divisions for runners, walkers and separate tunnels for disabled hajis also. Then Hajis have to move to field of Arafaat that is a place where Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) delivered His last sermon.

Pilgrims spend the day by praying and requesting for ALLAH’s mercy and forgiveness. On the next day, hajis have to perform a holy activity of stoning on Devil at Jamara’at. During this occasion, hajis throw 7 little pebbles at each Devil’s white pillar. After stoning on devils in Jamara’at, pilgrims have to scarify an animal as a Sunnah of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) who tried to scarify his son, Hazrat Ismael (A.S.) as per the order of ALLAH Almighty. In today times, hajis have to purchase a ‘voucher for sacrifice’ in Mecca that is performed licensed slaughterhouses on behalf of the pilgrim. Then hajis can perform their final tawaf as now they are going to Medina to visit the Mosque of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), which surrounds the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

In KSA, you will find out various modes of transportation like air conditioned bus service offered by SAPTCO and taxis. An interesting thing is that taxi drivers don’t follow meter reading and you have to negotiate price before you go anywhere in KSA. You can find out a rail link that will link Jeddah, Makkah and Madinah. AlHaq Travel will provide you the best chosen transportation facility which is modern, comfortable and fully air conditioned in which you will be served daily newspaper. It doesn’t matter that what time or shift you want local transportation facility, we will be there to fulfill your travelling needs during your full hajj tours.

AlHaq Travel feels proud to serve the guest of Allah SWT. We seek every opportunity to provide low price deal including best amenities. Muslims looking for 5 Star Non Shifting Family Hajj packages 2018 can get best hotels and flights at lowest prices. 4 Star Shifting Group Hajj packages 2018 will not only provide discounted rates but first timers will perform every ritual under their guidance. Muslims all across UK can opt our extra ordinary offers like Brothers and Sisters living in Manchester get flights from their close airport with 3 Star Group Hajj packages 2018. We also offer 3 Star Birmingham Hajj for our beloved Muslims living in Birmingham. If getting a flight from Heathrow Airport is not an issue opt our lowest possible prices. AlHaq Travel provides the best 3 Star UK Hajj opportunities at lowest possible prices. We are partner with all the grand near to Haram hotels. With 5 Star Non Shifting Via Pakistan Hajj packages 2018 you will be able to stay in comfortable hotels. If you want a leisure and economical stay select 5 Star Non Shifting Luxury Family Hotel Hajj packages 2018. The Muslims don’t have much financial resources but looking for 4 Star Shifting Economy Hajj packages 2018. We remove the entire financial barrier by providing 3 Star Hajj at cheapest possible prices. AlHaq Travel provides 5 Star Non Shifting Best All Inclusive Hajj packages 2018 to make your Holy trip hassle free. With the help of 3 Star Via Pakistan Hajj packages 2018 you will be able to visit your family in Pakistan. If you want to visit India along with Hajj trip then opt 4 Star Shifting Via India Hajj packages 2018 by AlHaq Travel. Do you have your family or Friends in Bangladesh? Get 3 Star Best All Inclusive Hajj packages 2018 to have a chance to meet them in a same trip. Make your Hajj trip a family holiday with 4 Star Shifting Via Dubai Hajj packages 2018. By opting 3 Star Luxury Family Hotel Hajj packages 2018 you will be able to spend all your days in Saudi Arabia in ease and comfort. Best way to spend 3 Star Flights including Hajj packages 2018 is to take your family to Holy cities. To stay away from all the worries get 3 Star Visa including Hajj. We are offering 4 Star Shifting Flights including Hajj packages 2018 along with an extra ordinary opportunity to get 5 Star Non Shifting Customized Hajj packages 2018. With this opportunity you will be able to select the amenities of your demand.

If you have any question about AlHaq Hajj inexpensive deals and you are in search of any kind of Hajj information or detail, then dial now 020 34757513 because you will be welcomed by our travelling expert team with open arms. You can contact our agent at any time convenient to you, to get information about packages and get the best required package reserved, as our online expert agent is available 24/7, for your better guidance & assistance. You can even book packages with us your 5 star Platinum hajj Packages, 5 star Gold hajj Package, 4 star silver hajj Package, 3 star hajj package from UK in advance.