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Our Corporate and Social Responsibilities

Corporate Responsibility and Business Ethics
Following the moral principles, AlHaq Travel avoids unethical business practices following essential code of conducts according to the constitution of UK being a proud British citizen. Our company’s main motive is to transform lives of our customers to deliver them our fraud free services in affordable rates, generating healthy economic growth for the country. Our company is free from Child labours and treat our employees fairly with a clear ambition to alleviate poverty by wisdom.

Being in touch with our customers and catering their needs for over a decade now by answering thousands of Muslim brothers and sisters from UK effectively for inquiries about their mesmerizing spiritual journey. Let AlHaq Travel satisfies our brothers and sisters from UK to offer their religious activities conveniently.

Social responsibilities
AlHaq Travel follows the rules of strict code of behaviour towards the society distinguishing between right and wrong to minimise harms to the environment. Participating regularly in socio economical activities, we ensure our actions leads to positive impact on the society by delivering our customers top quality services in reasonable prices with no greed. Our main motive is to create a healthy society by setting an example of honesty with sworn alliance with our country for economic growth to reduce inflation. Teaming up with several non-profit organizations, we stand with humanity and unite as one nation in the time of our Muslim brother and sister’s need.